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6 islands, six times the adventure

Islands of Adventure is a great park for teens and adults who love fast paced rides. Islands of Adventure is filled with rollercoasterís, simulators, and state of the art theaters. The rides are themed off of popular movies like Harry Potter, Spider Man, The Cat in the Hat, and even the Incredible Hulk. The park is spilt into 6 different areas each one having a specific theme.

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Islands of Adventure Attractions:

Wizardy Would of Harry Potter Toon Lagoon: This is one of the wetter parts of the theme park. Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls flume ride and Popeye and Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges you are sure to get soaked. Each of these rides feature thousands and thousands of gallons water. In Ripsaw falls you will experience a 75 foot fall in log smaller then a car and even go below the water level. It is the first ever flume ride to feature such an ability. If you want something a little bit slower then Blutoís Bilge Rat Barges are what you are looking for. Each barge holds 12 people with their backs facing out, the barge spins and wobbles it way down the narrow river of white water and all the way soaking its occupants. You will get wet in this ride and most likely soaked. It is a great ride for any hot summer day, sit back relax and enjoy the cold refreshing water just watch out for the 18-foot tall octopus named Grotto.

Jurassic Park: This area of the park is filled with giant dinosaurs peaking their way out of the woods. With a theme closely Witten to the Jurassic Park movies itís a great part of Islands of Adventure. Pteranodon Flyers Roller Coaster is one of two rides open in this area. The Flyers is great for kids and specially designed for them. To enjoy this ride you must be between 36 and 56 inches or be occumpied by a child within that height range. This ride gently guides you over the massive play and climbing area which kids can almost get lost in. The second ride is for the older crowd another water ride the Jurassic Park River Adventure gets the biggest splash in the park sending water 45 feet into the air and covers any unsuspecting guests nearby. This river ride features an assortment of mechanical ancient dinosaurs that move and interact as guests float by. Be careful and keep your eyes open because the ferocious Velociraptor.

The Lost Continent: This area is themed after an underwater lost city. There are two other shows in The Lost Continent the first is a live show The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad and second is Poseidon's Fury. The Eigth Voyage of Sinbad is a live show acted out daily highlight the epic battle with intense stunts as they fight off a mob of demons. The Fury of Poseidon is also a great show. Witness a battle between gods. With a state of the art technology, this combination of live actors and special effects, featuring water projections, lasers, explosions, and much much more.

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Suess Landing: This area is great for kids itís themed after the genius of Dr. Suess and has many great rides to chose from. Perhaps the simplest but most original is Caro-Seuss-el which if you canít get it from the name is a carousel except with all the animals found in the world of Dr. Suess. The Most popular ride in Suess Landing is The Cat in the Hat, modeled after the ever popular childrenís book. This puts you front seat in the adventure as The Cat in the Hat releases Thing one and Thing Two to wreck havoc on the house. Just when you think all is lose and the parents are coming one you get to witness The Cat in the Hat Pick up the entire house in matter of seconds. For a more relaxing ride take a few minute and hope on to The High in the Sky Seuss trolley Train Ride. This train ride will bring you all throughout Seuss landing and show you many things that canít be seen anywhere else.

Marvel Super Hero Island: This is the first area which you walk through as you enter Islands of Adventure. This area has 3 attractions the first is The Incredible Hulk this giant roller coaster is one of a kind. It shoots you from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds before plummeting you to the ground. It then has an impressive amount of banks and looks that take you around and under the Super Hero Island. The other ride was just redone, with new HD video and state of the art sound. Spider-Man is a 3-D adventure where you get to ride a simulator into Spider-Manís home town. In this adventure you will travel with him in an attempt to save the Statue of liberty from being taken apart by the Sinister Villains. The Third attraction is Storm Force Acceleration. In this short die hope into a small cart and hold on as you get hurled around in circles.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: This is the newest addition to Islands of Adventure and perhaps the most popular to date. This area is full of special shops and attractions that are based off of the hit novel series Harry Potter. Wizarding World has three main attractions two coasters and a third thrill ride. The Main event is Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, this ride is part simulator and part coaster as the ride move through the giant castle known as Hogwarts. The ride also runs of a mechanical strong arm mounted to a track allowing it to move. The next biggest attraction is the Dragon Challenge which features two separate roller coasters. One red and one blue that weave in and out of one another as if they are fighting. Chose which ever coaster you want because each one is a different experience. The Last attraction in the Wizarding World is Flights of the Hippogriff this is one of the few family friendly roller coasters that all ages can ride.

Throughout Universalís Islands of Adventure, youíll have the chance to interact and take pictures with some of your favorite characters -- Spider-Man and other Marvel Super Heroes, Dr. Seussí Cat In The Hat, Merlin the Magician, Popeye, Bluto, Olive Oyl and more. Check the park map on the day of your visit as characters, locations, and times vary.

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