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Get lost in space at Kennedy Space Center

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Kennedy Space Center Attractions:

Kennedy Space Center rises above the water

Shuttle Launch Experience : This theme park style simulator features a life size six story shuttle. As you walk throughout the shuttle you end up in the cock-pit and about to take off. The experience begins when the engines ignite and you being to lift off. Well…. Not really lift off but the simulator gives you the sensations of having 10,000 gallons of rocket fuel ignite below you. Before the simulator you walk through-out the shuttle and get to learn about the space program and listen to testimonials from veteran astronauts as they set the stage for what the launch feels like.

IMAX Space Films: One of only a few IMAX screens in Florida. Kennedy Space Center has a 5 Story Movie theater that shows Space films like Hubble 3D and Space Station 3D. O yeah, I forgot to mention that this IMAX Theater is also equipped with 3D technology and a state of the art sounds system that pulls you into the movie. Better yet this IMAX experience is included with general admission.

Astronaut Encounter: Have you ever wanted to ask an astronaut a question? Wonder what it feels like in space from someone who has been there? Well, Astronaut Encounter is your chance to ask. Daily veteran Astronauts take a stage and welcome questions from all ages on all subjects space related. They will of course try to answer as best they can. This is a one of a kind opportunity that can only be done at Kennedy Space Center.

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NASA Rockets: The Rocket Garden: Rocket Garden! Sign me up. This area of the Kennedy Space Center houses historic rockets that took many astronauts into space. The Garden is professionally lit to give a stunning and dramatic feel. With bright white lights extending up right to light the body and dark red lights on the engine it gives the feel that the rocks did the day they took off. The rest of the garden is covered in a techno blue to give it a futuristic feel. A few of the rockets are open to the public to give you an idea of how cramped the first rockets were. There are also free tours that go through the garden daily at 10:30 AM and 4 PM.

Shuttle LaunchApollo / Sturn V Center: This center is a memorial to the Apollo and Saturn V missions. It includes a real Saturn V rocket that you can walk around and view all the detail and hard work that went into making the rocket. There is also an Apollo treasure Gallery, here numerous things from the Apollo missions are kept like Apollo 14 Commander Alan Shepard’s space suit. Along with the commanders space suit are others from the Apollo missions. One interesting piece of history is the check list from John Young’s Cuff on how to deploy the American Flag in Space.

U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame: This exhibit is open daily from 12 to 6 pm and is included with general admission if it Is used with 7 days of purchase. The Hall of Fame is not on the Space Center’s property but 6 miles to the east on Merritt Island. It houses the world’s largest collection of Personal memorabilia. It also has a collection of simulators to give you a glimpse of space and see if you have what it takes to be an astronaut. One such simulator is the G-Force Trainer, truly a simple device you get strapped in then spun around very fast to experience G-Forces greater than normal.

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